Australia’s Scenic Public Toilets #6 – West Cape Lighthouse, SA

Last Updated on September 15, 2014 by Red Nomad OZ

Innes National Park on South Australia’s Yorke Peninsula has (arguably!) some of the most magnificent coastal scenery in the country.

Any amenities in such a setting are duty bound to be scenic, and these eco-friendly composting toilets are no exception!

Artfully placed among the dunes below the West Cape Lighthouse, the conveniences are somewhat protected from the strong winds that signs in the area warn about.

Signs in the toilets themselves warn of feral bees – several drier than average years mean they tend to swarm where there is water.  BUT … happily the amenities remained bee-free during our visit!

And the view?  See for yourself!!  Across the road, the coastline rolls away to the southeast – wild and deserted. 

A short climb to the lighthouse above, and a 360 degree panorama unfolds!  But sadly, my limited technology means if you want THAT view, you’ll have to head down south and see it for yourself!
Stay amazed!!
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  1. @ LV – thanx so much for returning! Yes, I like to think Australia is unique!!
    @ Kane – welcome! You’re correct – the sea and sky meet in the distance, but so blue it’s hard to tell!

  2. I always enjoy your visits. This is such pretty bright blue water and beach area. They sure do not have “outhouses” here that looks like yours.

  3. @Spiderdama – I hope you got as much pleasure from visiting my blog as I got from yours!
    @Jayne – plenty more where that came from!

    Thanx both for your kind words!!

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