Incident at Isisford, Central West Queensland

OMIGOD!!!!  Today is the beginning of a new phase in my life – and I’m feeling that old double-punch of horror and excitement!

My partner and I were in Isisford – which you will immediately recognise as the site where Isisfordia Duncani – the crocodile fossil from which all modern crocodiles descended – was discovered.  But more on that in a future post.  While totalling our morning tea and entry fee costs, the young staff member at The Outer Barcoo Interpretation Centre that houses a replica of the fossil asked if there were any concessions.

‘Only one,’ I replied, ‘as you’d immediately be able to tell by looking at ME that I’m NOT a senior.’

‘Of course,’ he replied, not missing a beat, and started adding up again. 

His boss’ laughter boomed out in the background.  ‘Go on, give the lady a concession,’ he chortled, clearly having completely missed the RED Nomad connection.

And so it came to pass.  I’ve had my first senior’s discount.  There’s no mistake – it’s recorded for posterity on the entry ticket.  AAAAARRRRGGGGHHH!!!!  And does anyone else get the deep irony of this happening at a fossil centre?!?!

The horrror comes, of course, from the trauma of being categorised as a senior.  And the excitement?  Well … it IS a new experience!!  I think it’s all downhill from here …

BUT, this does NOT mean I’m turning into a Grey Nomad!!  Does it?  DOES IT????!!!

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