Things that make you go MMMmmm…

Yes, it’s been ages … so much for good intentions, which we all know pave the road to hell ….

Road to hell it is with a MMMillipede infestation that makes the house exterior look like it’s suffering from reverse-leprosy and the interior floors almost move!  The dustbuster is so full of dead/dying millipedes (we’re not fussy) it sounds like a maracca!!  And that awful crunching sound when you just KNOW you’ve trodden on one … happily, the ‘bucket of death’ provides a safe, convenient disposal point for millipede carcasses we’ve wrangled off the walls, although if anyone has any suggestions as to what use a bucket of drowned millipedes can be put, we’d be very grateful.

Our neighbours returned from their beach shack the other day warning of a MMMouse plague – mice apparently chewed through the fridge seals to attack the food inside, and covered the carpeted floors and bedding with droppings.  ARRRGGGHHH!!!  Can’t wait to check out our shack – looks like the nice relaxing break we craved will probably be spent knee deep in disinfectant, mouse traps and washing liquid!!

And, the MMMosquitoes!  Happily, my partner acts as a decoy when we’re in the same room – but sadly, the weather is not yet cold enough to kill them off.  Unless of course they’re MMMutants!  Sometimes the whining is so loud we are forced to consider the possibility that they’re not of this world!  Our resistance to the inevitable harsh chemicals in the mouse deterrent and removal products (see above) has almost reached total toxic overload levels with the cans of insect killer spray used to quell the nightly whining – is someone out there somehow able to release just one mosquito into our room every night?

MMMmmm… and I haven’t even touched on MMMalfunctioning equipment, eMMMergencies or MMMadness yet!  Maybe next time!!

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  • Yeah … maybe so, BUT they don’t eat millipedes!!!! Trust me, we’ve even tried to force feed them, but no go. Tragically they don’t eat mice either…

    Thanx for the idea though!

  • Women Talk Sci Fi Podcast

    Chickens. These birds are great biological control for millipedes as well as a wide variety of other pests. Chickens are voracious eaters and spend most of their day wandering around looking for little moving critters that they can eat. To top it all off, they’re pretty damn cute. Just invite them in and there you go!!

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