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Thanx to all those who have been in touch – it’s great to hear from you!

I’m still working on the photographic evidence of previous travels – look out for future posts profiling the nation’s best bakeries (yes, we are bakery sluts); our favourite spots; and Australia’s most scenic public toilets! Exciting, huh?! Yes, I get that it will be even more exciting once these posts actually appear – I blame it on being born in the wrong era – the one where we weren’t brought up with a mobile in one hand, a modem in the other and an instinctive knowledge of how to use them!!

But I digress …

I’m getting fit with the amazing new graded modular exercise program ‘Farm Gym’ based around natural farm obstacles (including animals) for a tailored daily workout combining games and activities. Have you heard of it?

Activity modules include sheep wrangling (lamb, wether, ewe and ram grades); fence mending and weed removal (both with ‘level’ and ‘steep’ grades); pest deterrence (garden, lawn, paddock grades) and the like.

Games such as ‘Where did they go?’ build situational leadership skills by locating and returning missing stock to the home paddock. The task breakdown can include:

a) identifying possible escape routes – clues such as wool on wire, broken fences, unusual trails etc can help;
b) locating the runaways, generally using trial and error methodology based on the clues above;
c) herding escapees – over a range of surfaces, hillside grades and vegetation densities;
d) persuasion techniques to assist escapee return – optional inducements include sticks and hay;

and for extra points

e) future escape prevention assurance – required skills include fence mending and straining (with and without wire), watercourse blocking (without stopping water flow) and incentive provision (use of salt licks, extra food and electric fences).

Farm Gym’s premise is that any idiot can run (or skate!) fast on a purpose built track, but real skill can only be tested in adverse conditions where, for example, the athlete is wearing gumboots, the terrain rough, the weather inclement and the stock recalcitrant.

We’re experimenting with a new stock control technique we’ve called ‘Broccoli terrorism’. We train sheep by giving them treats to get them used to us so we can herd them when required. My partner recently rewarded a small flock of youngish sheep by throwing broccoli stalks from the garden over the fence – only to see them running in panic up the hill from the evil broccoli! Funny, it never occurred to us that broccoli could be scary…

On that happy note, I’ll leave you with the top 5 things I’m spending more $ on by not being at work:

1 Toilet paper
2 Pens
3 Bakeries
4 Sightseeing
5 Internet

But … happily this is offset by the top 5 things I’m spending less on!!

1 Make Up
2 Train Tickets
3 Lunch
4 Coffee
5 Clothes/Shoes

See you next time!

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