U is for Uluru: 11 Photos; 9 Bloggers; One Awesome Rock!

Shadows at Uluru, Central Australia

Uluru. When a Google search produces over 6.5 million results, writing anything else about Uluru becomes SO redundant I’m tempted not to use it for my Aussie ABC. What’s left to say about this massive monolith of sandstone 348 metres (1141 feet) high, 3.6 km (2.2 miles) long, 1.9 km (1.2 miles) wide and 3.33 km² (1.29 miles²) in size? With

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RED Alert #10 – Rouge et Noir with High Riser!!

Canberra Floriade* I am indebted to Andrew and his FAAAAABULOUS blog High Riser for many reasons. He’s one of my earliest followers. He gives good comment AND he’s left more comments on my blog than almost anyone else. AND his prompt answers to my RED Alert interview questions have made this blog post REALLY easy for me … A prolific

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RedHeads ROCK the Liebster Award!

Arty Sunset Shot - Boab tree at Derby, the Kimberley, Western Australia

She travels. She’s a REDHEAD! She’s a LOT like me!! SO … what’s NOT to love about Vicki of redheadedtravels.com fame? Especially now that she’s passed me the poisoned chalice of the LIEBSTER Award … It seems that the origins of this blog-lovin’ award that recognises blogging fabulousness (well, I got it, didn’t I?) by highlighting selected blogs and profiling the bloggers

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RED does Australia for the Glove Box Interview!!

Ochre Pits, via Alice Springs, Central Australia

The FAAAAABULOUS Fiona has interviewed me for her weekly Glove Box Interview featured today on Argus Car Hire’s Glove Box Blog! Because the interview features only one photo (reproduced at left for your viewing pleasure) I’ve included a completely gratuitous Australia shot of the Central Australian Ochre Pits (to be featured more fully in a future post) so new visitors can immediately get

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